Basic Tuberculosis Education Program
3 Year Validation

$50.00 per student validation (includes $20.00 for TB Basic Competency Validation Cards)
Call to schedule a time for validation

The participant must first successfully complete the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) free IN-TRAIN online course, labeled IDOH TB Basics and TB Tests Used to Identify TB Infection #5338, at the following link: The course consists of 4 sections and can take up to 4 hours to complete. Successful completion includes a final assessment of 80% or higher.

Within 60 days of online course completion, the participant must successfully complete the American Lung Association Indiana TB Competency Validation Check-off Session.

An IN-TRAIN certificate is available to be printed after online course completion and must be presented at the validation class in order to continue. Once signed by the instructor of the class, this is a temporary certificate until a validation card is received by email.

Validation consists of:
- Case studies
- Giving a sterile N/S ID injection resulting in a 6-10mm wheal
- Accurately reading TST reaction arms

* Competency validation must be completed within sixty (60) days of on-line certificate completion.

* IN-TRAIN certificate must be presented at time of competency validation.

Basic Revalidation Education Program

Follow the same requirements as stated for Basic Tuberculosis Education Program.