QMA Insulin Administration Education Module

This training is optional for any QMA

The ISDH Course instructs the QMA in role and responsibilities of insulin administration.

Tuition: $400 (if 5 or more students per class, each student will receive a $50 discount for a tuition fee of $350 each)

* 4 - 8 hour class

* 2 - 4 hour practical training, 1:1 with a licensed nurse at the facility you are working
* Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Modules Booklet
* ISDH practical competency $50 testing fee conducted by Health Careers Training & Development
(HCTD) Registered Nurse Program Director
* IVYTech written competency $50 testing fee

Prior to any insulin administration the individual must

1) be currently on the QMA registry or have completed the QMA 100-hour Training Program; and
2) successfully completed the Insulin Administration Education Module.

After the 2-4 hour practical training the individual must pass

1) a practical exam administered by the HCTD Program Director with 100% competency
2) a 25-question written competency administered by IVYTech with a score of 88%

Following successful completion of both the QMA - Insulin Administration Education Module and the
competency (skills and written) evaluation, an Insulin Administration sub-type will be added to the QMA
certification on the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry.